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By on June 16, 2016

Here at Sparks Firearms we are still selling AR Rifles and we have plenty in stock.  Academy Sports and Outdoors appears to have stopped selling rifles and we aren’t sure why.  I went to Academy on I35 yesterday and took this picture of their rifle racks.

2016-06-15 09.00.00

Not an AR rifle to be found in sight.  The rumor is they will get one for you to buy if you ask, but I didn’t have time to ask.  I did find some AR mags and Magpul stuff for ARs still on the shelf.

2016-06-15 09.05.55


But there were three or four employees working to reset most of the department.

Will they start selling ARs again?  I don’t know.  But they did do the same thing after the Sandy Hook school attack and then started selling them again.  The Firearms Blog (article here) was the first to report on Academy’s actions.  They found the shelves empty and employees putting ARs in the back.  The article says that Academy had a conference call with their head office on Monday night and where told to pull all the rifles and stuff that looked like ARs.  Sounds like a political knee-jerk reaction to me.

Or it could be a smart move; they might be waiting to see what will happen in the market with pricing.  It would be a smart move, but I think they are just playing politics and afraid to make people mad.  Well it makes me mad.  I will no longer be shopping there.

I’ve been a custom for years, and if this is how they are going to treat me, you can bet I will no longer shop there.  Sounds like an overreaction, but is it?  What’s next? The next thing that maybe politically incorrect will go, and then the next thing, and the next.  Soon there will be nothing left for me there.

Even worst, if you read The Firearms Blog article it talks about Academy tracking ammo sales of more than 10 boxes of ammo.  What are they tracking it for, and at what point will they be reporting that information to whom? Not something we like to think about in the firearms world.  I don’t need to be on any more government lists.

Yesterday the American Military News confirmed The Firearms Blog by calling the corporate office of Academy.  American Military News quoted an employee as saying “Due to the events in Orlando they have been taking precautions and they are taking firearms down.”  Nice that there was an event in Orlando Florida… You mean a terrorist attack?

Political correctness runs deep in our society and is a huge problem.  It spills over into corporate life.  Quit giving your money to people that care more about the people attacking you as part of the gun culture then you as a customer.  Shop at a local shop where the owner is around and you can find a place people actually want you there.  If it’s not Sparks Firearm, then go to another local shop.  Don’t give your money to a big corporation that is doing something shady.

Thank you Academy for showing you true colors and who you really care about.  I now know that you care more about your public image with some imaginary person that might be offended more then you care about me, your customer.  That’s fine.  I’ll be taking my business elsewhere and suggest you do the same.

Prepare for the worst… and hope for the best,

Ben Branam
Sparks Firearm

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