Black Friday Sales at Sparks Firearms

By on November 24, 2015

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Black Friday Only Sales:

  • All in stock Ammo 10% Off
  • All in Stock Gerber Products (Knives and Tools) 10% Off
  • All in Stock Springfield XDM Pistols $50 Off!

Sales Going on Right now through Black Friday: (while supplies last)

  • HK USP 9c $699 (normally $899)
  • Beretta 92G $499 (MSRP $650)
  • Anderson Arms Stripped Lower Receivers $50 (That’s 33% Off)

Ammo 10% Off 

Ammo Sparks

Here at Sparks Firearms we are trying to keep up with the big boys. Generally Best Buy and Wal-Mart can beat our Black Friday. But not this year!

We have all in-stock ammunition 10% off! Anything you see on our shelf or we have in overstock in the back is 10% off!

Just some of the ammo on sale Black Friday:

  • CCI 22 WMR
  • CCI 22LR Mini Mags
  • Handgun Self Defense Ammo from Federal, Winchester, Hornady, and More
  • .380 ACP FMJs from PMC, Aguila, American Eagle, and More
  • 9mm FMJs from Magtech, Fiocchi, American Eagle, Winchester and More
  • .40 S&W FMJs from Winchester, S&B, Speer, and More
  • .45 ACP FMJs American Eagle, PMC, Blazer, and More
  • .500 S&W, .45 Colt, 10mm, .44 Mag
  • 5.56
  • 7.62×39
  • 7.62×51
  • and Many More

10% off Gerber Products

2015-11-24 14.46.09


10% off all Gerber Products in stock! We have a bunch of combat knives, folding knives, and multi-tools.

This is on everything in stock at the moment. When it’s gone, it’s gone.

All XDMs $50 Off

2015-11-24 14.44.01

Every XDM we have in stock! We have some of the best prices in town already and now that we have them for $50 off, now is the time.

The XDM raised the bar on what an XDM could do. Springfield gave this gun a better barrel, better trigger, better sights and more ammo in the magazine. It really is an improvement over the XD.

Come into Sparks Firearms and see what we have. This sale is limited to inventory we have on hand and starts today.

HK USP 9c $699

2015-11-24 14.43.06

If you ever wanted one of these HKs, now’s the time.

HK has been working on these and making upgrades for years. Now with their VP, P30 and P2000 series guns the USP has been a little forgotten and neglected.

These are still great guns. It’s a hammer-fired polymer gun with double strike capability. No finger groves and a safety that does just about anything you want it to. You can carry the gun cocked and locked, hammer down with the safety off, or hammer down with the safety on. It’s a nice mix and you can figure out what you want.

I’ve always liked these guns and anyone that wanted a more traditional HK will be very happy with one of these guns. The price has fallen to a point that you shouldn’t wait.

At just $699 these won’t last long. The sale is limited to what we have in stock, first come first serve. This sale just started, so come in and get one.

Beretta 92G $499 

buy guns San Antonio, TX

We are selling the Beretta 92G for $499 (retail is $675). We got a bunch in from a distributor and want to get rid of them. They all need a new home, to be taken care of, taken to the range, and used.

All the other Berettas on the market are around $600 and up. The one is only $499. We have a limited supply and once they are gone we won’t be able to any more at this price.

Come by and check one out before they are gone!


buy guns San Antonio, TX

These lowers are a great deal and will except any Mil Spec parts. These are made of 7075-T6 Aluminum (which is the higher grade stuff) and great for any build.

These would make a great start to any build you have in mind! And for this price it might be nice to have one on hand for your next build.

Come check one out. The price is reduced to $50 plus tax!



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