Weekly Knowledge November 13, 2015

By on November 20, 2015

Happy Friday!

New and Different Sights

Meprolight has a new idea on handgun sights.   I’m not sure, but the video is really funny. I wouldn’t mind trying some.

Mass Shooting

The shooting on October 2, 2015 sparks new talks about gun control, but also sparked new discussions about what to do during a mass shooting. Check this article on some thoughts.

FBI New Pistol

FBI is looking for a new pistol.

An FBI “Request for Proposal” issued October 7 for new handguns. The RFP calls for two classes of 9mm pistol: the compact “Class I Pistol with a barrel length of no less than 3.75″ and no greater than 4.25″, minimum magazine capacity of 14 rounds, night sights . . .” and the Full Size “Class II Pistol with a barrel length of no less than 4.26″ and no greater than 5.20″ , minimum magazine capacity of 16 rounds, night sights. . .” Interestingly, the frame can have no finger grooves. It has to be a striker fired pistol with no magazine disconnector.

Blue Sheep Dog is predicting the Sig 320 will be selected because of the written proposal.   Scroll down and check out the argument.

Black Friday Starts at Sparks Firearms


33% off certain stripped lower receivers.   Details here.

Beretta M9A3 Now Shipping

Beretta is now shipping the M9A3 and I need one! It looks cool, and they have fixed a lot of the previous problems. Including changing the angle on the safety lever. It’s one of the biggest problems for me running a Beretta. Every time I work the slide somehow I flip the safety on. I’m hoping the angle change will get rid of this problem for me.

Check out The Firearms Blog review on the M9A3 to see what else they changed and what is new and cool.


Prepare for the worst… and hope for the best,

Ben Branam
Sparks Firearms


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