Weekly Knowledge Dump: October 23

By on October 23, 2015

Legion Pistols

We got some of these pistols in and they are the most unique things Sig puts out. They are custom on just about everything. They feel different and have a great trigger. If you haven’t heard about them check out this article about them.

IDF Using Ruger 10/22

The IDF is using Ruger 10/22 is crowd control and fighting again. They use to them years ago and brought them out of mothballs to be used again. They are reportedly using them for crowd control, and suppressed to dispatch dogs and sentries.

Years ago .22 LR were used as a crowd control device. Sometimes called non-lethal, but used to shoot someone that was doing something wrong inside a large crowd. I first heard of this from Jeff Cooper who said police and military should use a .22 to shoot antagonists in the crowd. He advised to shoot them in the side of the chest to collapse a lung. With medical attention this wouldn’t be a fatal wound but would allow law enforcement to stop them at a distance and find them later at a hospital. Not sure if anyone ever did it, but if anyone was going to, it would be the Israelis. Find out more here.

Apex Goes Glock

I love Apex triggers in an M&P. They make the gun feel like it has a trigger you just have to feel to believe. I wish companies would spend the extra money to put triggers in this good. The Apex Competition trigger makes you want every trigger to feel like that. I’m glad they are building a Glock trigger. I will be putting gone in my Glock shortly because they are that good. Learn more at their web site here.

Popular Prison Tattoos and What they Mean

Do you know what most common prison tats are and what they mean. Lots of bad guys advertise that they are bad guys all over their bodies. You just need to know how to read the signs. Check out the pictures here.

What Will Your Attack Look Like?

Here is a horribly deadly attacked captured on film in Israel. How long does it take to stop him? And what would you have done? It’s a horrible terrorist attack that happens all the time in Israel. What works one place will be quickly spread to the rest of the world. Are you prepared for this kind of attack and will you do what is necessary to end it?

Source: Active Response Training: You can find out more about this attack and what you can learn from this video by going to their page here.

Prepare for the worst… and hope for the best,