Home Grown Terrorism

By on October 21, 2015

Last week I watched in horror as the DOJ Announced the new “Domestic Terrorism Counsel” (link to Fox News announcement here).

The new position, and I’m sure to become a department will be looking at “Home Grown Terrorist.” That’s the part the scares me. I’m what they are talking about when the government uses that term.

I’m a patriot who as fought, bled, killed, and watched friends die in the defense of my country. In reward my country wants to label me as a terrorist. I’m on another list and don’t care. A care about what they going to do with this new list and how far are they going to do with the Patriot Act against me because now I am a possible threat.

In 2008 President Obama was elected and started calling me a terrorist because I was former military, was a contractor, and went to church. Now the “hope and change” is coming.

Check out this video to learn more about “Home Grown Terrorist” and the thought of civil war.