First Responder Gun Discount Programs

By on October 13, 2015

Stack of Glock Boxes

Guess Which one is the Discount Gun

Lots of Gun Manufactures do a discount program for First Responders (Military, Law Enforcement, Medics, Fire Fighters, and some other miscellaneous groups). Each company has their own list of who is eligible for the discounted guns. Here at Sparks we can get discounted guns from Bushmaster, Remington, Glock, and Smith & Wesson.

I think Glock started the program many years ago and all the other companies are following suit. Normal Glock guns come with red or white labels on the box. The discounted guns have blue labels printed so employees could tell the difference just by looking which guns where which. Since Glocks are popular the guns started being called “Blue Label” guns.   The slang stuck and now most people call all the discount programs, Blue Label Programs.

How the Program works on the business level. Gun Stores can’t just give you a discount on a weapon we have in stock. The Blue Label guns are actually sold to us (the firearms dealer) at a special discounted rate so we can give that discount to you as a first responder.

Not all the programs are created equal. Sometimes the discount is so good that you buy the Blue Label gun for less then the shop can buy the gun from the manufacturer. Other times the discount is pretty small. One time we actually had a gun where the Blue Label gun price was higher then what we normally sold the gun for.

Right now, Sparks Firearms can get any Glock you want on the Blue Label program. We can get a lot of Smith & Wessons, some Bushmasters and some Remingtons. You have to be in the shop for us to do a discounted gun. All the companies have very strict guidelines about how and whom we can sell their discounted guns. All of them require that we do Blue Label guns in the shop and in person.


Right now we have multiple Blue Label Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sports in stock. We are looking for First Responders that want them. The price is almost $200 less then MSRP, so you get a great deal on a really good rifle.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport

Smith makes a good rifle. I was issued one of the rifles when I worked overseas as a security contractor. It was 2008 and Smith had just released the rifles on the market. The gun rags claimed it the greatest AR rifle ever. It isn’t the greatest rifle ever, but it’s a great rifle for the price. I used one for over a year and it never failed me. As a contractor we had rifles from a bunch of different companies and we broke them all. The only ones we didn’t break where the Smiths. The durability was impressive and gained a high level of respect from me and other uses. They shot well and fit everything milspec we put on the guns fit perfectly. I wouldn’t mind having another one.

Come into the shop and check out the Blue Label deals.

Prepare for the worst… and hope for the best,

Ben Branam
Sparks Firearms